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Marooned in Akron

A writer's contemplation on poetry, the heart, and gangsterism.
Sep 7 '14
Michael Brown Memorial on Canfield Dr.(8/22/14)

Michael Brown Memorial on Canfield Dr.(8/22/14)

Aug 19 '14

Ferguson trip

I, and a small group will be taking Akron's love, art, knowledge, listening ear, respect, wisdom, hands for work, solidarity, understanding, our music, and words of encouragement to Ferguson on Wed. We will arrive Thursday morning. If you, your friends, your family, block, group, band, church, or ministry would like to contribute any like items please message me on Facebook. Please follow me on Twitter @CirJr to stay up to date. Thank you.

Aug 17 '14

Marcus Garvey quote marathon on twitter

Tonight on twitter @CirJr I’m posting quotes by Marcus Garvey in honor of his birthday and the ongoing struggle for worldwide human rights.

Aug 14 '14
Would I be portrayed as a son, brother, cousin, friend, husband, father,and artist, or as an agitator, a menace, a bad influence, and a criminal?

Would I be portrayed as a son, brother, cousin, friend, husband, father,and artist, or as an agitator, a menace, a bad influence, and a criminal?

Aug 13 '14

what’s in a name

When they are killed, black celebrities are principally referenced in the media and on official reports by their real names. This “government name” (ss card, birth cert, cred info) is part of the value our system places on individuals. Consequently, when quoting popular black writers and artists, I will now be using their birth names instead of their creative monikers. Thanks. 

Aug 3 '14
"All suffering originates from craving, from attachment, from desire."
Edgar Allan Poe (via purplebuddhaproject)
Jul 21 '14
"You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page."
Jodi Picoult (via sylviaplant)

(Source: the-disaster-she-is)

Jul 12 '14

A rubaiyat on the Ohio fracking boom, the looming 2016 Republican National Convention, and the Return of Lebron (ARTW-WK6,7/12/14)

It all started here at the top of the heap
The salt and the clear at the top of the sea
We promised the wailers we’d turn it around
We promised a cure by the time of the meek

Paved roads police codes the struggle for pay
We made those beliefs and we came here to say
Now you can’t have it we’ll burn it all down
Before we see all of it taken away

We come from the sky and we come from the earth
We come from the drive and we come from the hearth
We’ll give it our lives the boys from the hills
We know what is real and we know what it’s worth

We’re getting the lot of it speaking at last
Checking the knot and releasing it fast
We started our lives on the bad side of town
Checked in the spot and decreed free at last

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Jul 11 '14

Termanology, Lil Fame, Sean Price - I Rock Mics


Term and Sean Price are the only two I can think of worthy of holding down a group with Lil Fame. Hopefully this song is a portent of that happening.

Jul 6 '14

The First to pass it on (2014)

dang najakan…


The First to pass it on (2014)

dang najakan…

Jul 6 '14

The Baddest Woman on the Planet.

Great video of Rousey honing her striking skills.

Jul 6 '14

*How I Learned to Write 16 Bars* (2011)

In ‘01

I circled arenas in a Celica paid for with no money

It had the silhouette of the Big Bopper car from Mad Max

I drove it like I had the red yellow paint and sirens from the explosion scene

Writing poetry on two notebooks inscribed with sigils

prayers and game codes

I learned from memorizing Thuggish Ruggish Bone on the radio

1252 letters of Shakespeare

and my parents degrees

I rhymed because no one told me white men had stopped rhyming

began smoking opium and fucking the brains out of bisexual feminists

eating mescaline and writing there brains out on a world that respected and feared them

drinking fine small batch whiskeys and blowing their brains out

with gold inlaid, engraved, handmade Beretta shotguns

during the lost generation of man

Between ‘02 and sometime after

I set out to accomplish these feats

though not in that order, some less to not and some more

I typed free verse over a highway descended from divinatory algorithms

taught as games to children in what we now call Africa

I wrote in tiny notebooks in pockets next to cigarette packs

police saps, big rubber phones and flasks

The inventory of a character generated

from Shaka Zulu, Paul Robeson and Russel Simmons

I hoped that’s what they saw

I stopped rhyming for the regular reasons

light social humiliation, increased awareness, growth

and wanting to use the same word multiple times in a poem

Some of those reasons had other effects in my life

Time spent throwing up on drug-dealer kingpin television sets

Feeding men who would steal the headphones off my ears if they could

Learning to make women fall in love or at least feel that way for awhile

and fighting hands and feet for my friends lives

Now in ‘11

I use a digital voice recorder and if I rhyme it’s a two four beat

set to patterns from racial memory and five capable strings named after the kingfish

like my sister told me to do back in ‘01

Now my thoughts are filtered through NPR, the vacuum of meditation and DJ Lance

While dreams of being remembered as a world breaker after death

have given way to aspirations of being dad, good son, and the man of her dreams

The notebooks remain in different capacities, quantities, and rates of use

The memories spent peeling the orange of the psyche with other poets

in diners, living rooms, on parking decks, between tears and blood

are constant companions reminding me of evolution, fraternity,

the love of self and the makings of a good and faithful life 

Jul 6 '14

PAGE$ - Vets

Twuo vol. 1, 2012

Another flow from 2012. No offense intended by any of the references. I would write it differently in 2014. Enjoy.

Jul 6 '14
Jul 6 '14

PAGE$ - Captain’s Day Log

Twuo vol.1, 2012

Something I recorded in 2012. Really lo-fi.